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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up

ano nga bang meron at bago sa PBB season 4 Double up???
hula ko double up kasi, magkasama or sabay na ang celebrity at hindi sa season na to.
magkasama na ang mga artista at ang mga "common people" (pasensya na hindi ko alam ang term na gagamitin) sa bahay ni kuya.
sino kaya ang mga bagong housemates ni kuya?
tama kaya ako?...
kaw ano hula mo?
abangan ang muling pagbubukas ng bahay ni kuya.

Katursi - aling Dionisia

Sikat na talaga si Aling Dionisia.
wala akong masabi, kundi "drenk yur Magnulia Melk Fers"

Kim Bum In the Philippines

Kim Bum or "Yi Jeong" of Boys Over flowers visits Manila for a commercial shoot of softdrink brand RC Cola with Maja Salvador.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Instant happiness

minsan kailangan mong daanan muna ang mga bagay na ayaw mo bago mo makuha ang gusto mo.

di masaya ang instant happiness.

boring kung baga.

tama ba?...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

PRC Results for Electrical Engineer Board Examination 2009

Congratulations to all newly registered Electrical Engineers!...

PRC RESULTS click here

and Cheers to all the Top 10.

Top 10 Registered Electrical Engineer September 2009

1 Eruell Camus Obina – Camarines Norte State College-Daet – 90.75%
2 Noel Tuzo Arreza – MSU-Marawi City – 89.30%
3 Marwin Timbol Pangilinan – Holy Angel University – 89.00%
4 Richard Macatangay Guba – University of Batangas – 88.90%
5 Roldan Principe Lualhati – PUP-Main-Sta. Mesa – 88.45%
6 Jesus Colita Rupinta – TIP-Manila – 88.35%
7 Emilyn Mae Sicat Matibag – University of Batangas – 88.15%
8 Joonie Magpantay Valencia – Batangas State U-Batangas City – 87.60%
9 Eddy Jose Yaba Managuit – Camarines Norte State College – 87.20%
10 John Paul Palma Cua – UP-Los BaƱos – 87.10%

karapatdapat kayong iclapclap...[^^,]
specially to Engr. Marwin Pangilinan, galing sa School namin yan...galing galing!...[^^,]

by the way Analog Devices (General Trias) Inc. is such a good start for your career...[^^,]

newly grad are welcome and have special opportunity at ADI.

Kyla and Jay-R or Kris Laurence and Denise Laurel for i will take you forever

lets just compare the two renditions of the song
I will take you forever...

1. Kyla and Jay-R

2. Kris Laurence and Denise Laurel

which one do you like more?...

No air talaga

♪♪Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air
Can't live, can't breathe with no air♪
It's how I feel whenever you are there
It's no air, no air ♫♪
Got me out here in the "water" so deep ♫♪
Tell you how i gonna be without you
If you are here, I just can't breathe♪
It's no air, no air
No air, air
No air, air
No air, air
No air, air...♫♪....

hirap talaga pag sinisipon, BARADO ANG ILONG...[^^,]

the Version of Kris Laurence and Denise Laurel for the song I will take you forever

Here at last!!!...

the Version of Kris Laurence and Denise Laurel for the song
I will take you forever, originally sung by Christopher Cross & Frances Ruffelle...

this song is now the theme song of the asianovela in GMA7, Shining Inheritance.

i personally like this song so much!...

what can you say about their version?

Lee Min Ho (Gu Jun Pyo of Boys over Flowers) and Sandara Park (Dara Of 2NE1) kissed!!!

Lee Min Ho (Gu Jun Pyo of Boys over Flowers) and Sandara Park (Dara Of 2NE1) kissed!!!
not just once, but many times...

watch this video...

many girls and girl-wanna-be, will be jealous at Dara after watching this video...
and may boys will be jealous too at Min...
are you one of those?...

Lee Min Ho fits this character of bad-turned-good. just like in BOF.
i have to agree that Sandara park really shines in Korea, oh, not just in Korea, should i say WWW, short for whole wide world, and world wide web. [^^,]

i like Sandara, "sandy", or Dara, even in her SCQ days.
she is very bubbly, funny, nice, cute and pretty.
she became more beautiful now!...Go Sandy!...Filipinos loves and supports you!...

this video is so cool, good and cute.
good luck to the both of you.
nice seeing you together.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kim Hyun Joong "Ji Hoo" diagnosed with swine flu

The Boys over Flowers fever already hit the Philippines, but still the “JunPyo, Ji Hoo, Yi Jung, Wu Bin and Jan Di”’s fever is still felt here. Speaking of fever and Boys over Flowers, Kim Hyun Joong, Ji Hoo of Boys Over Flowers and member of SS501, got fever and by September 7, 2009 he was diagnosed with Swine Flu (AH1N1).

SS501 leader and Boys Over Flowers star, Kim Hyun Joong, has been diagnosed with swine flu. The singer turned actor was in Japan to promote his hit drama series over the weekend, from 5 - 6th September. During the promotions, he had shown signs of a fever and a headache, which caused him to miss his activities on the 6th.

A representative from DSP Media gave a formal statement saying, "Kim Hyun Joong was scheduled for a flight, at 12pm on the 7th of September, he had passed through immigration without any problems but later in the afternoon, due to a sudden change to his health, he was taken to the emergency room instead."

While in the ER, it was diagnosed that the star had swine flu, and the representative says that the star is being treated but has to remain under further observation for more tests, causing him to remain in Japan. Kim Hyun Joong's manager has been sent to the hospital to check on the matter and will inform the public with more details when available. It's not known whether his SS501 members and the other F4 cast were tested for symptoms of H1N1 upon arrival in Korea.


For the fans out there, here is the DSP statement for Kim Hyun Joong’s condition.

Original in Korean: SS501 DSP

Translated into English: miyo @SgTripleS

Hello, This is DSP.

Last week 5~6 Sept, when attending Boys Over Flowers event at Pacifico Yokohama, SS501’s Leader, Kim Hyun Joong had some problems with his health.

On the 6th, he was suppose to attend Hanryu Fondue recording, but as he was down with slight fever, he did not attend. Kim Hyun Joong condition got better and was able to perform on stage on the very night as he had promised to the fans.

On the 7th, he was suppose to take the 12pm flight back to Korea when he was suddenly down with a high fever in the morning. He was sent to the hospital and was diagnosed with influenza (H1N1).

Kim Hyun Joong is now is having treatment at one of the hospitals in Japan. The local doctor has given him tamiflu and his condition has turned better. From now onwards, he will need to take a good rest in order to recover.

DSP Media related parties and manager are with him checking on this condition. Once his conditions become better, they have the intentions to bring him back to Korea.

Status of the upcoming activities are not confirmed.

*At the moment, was informed that Kim Hyun Joong’s condition has become better already.

There might be changes to current schedule which has been confirmed.

We will announce once more when we have rearranged the schedule.

Thank you.


So guys, worry no more, for sure doctors will take good care of “Ji Hoo”, and he will too for you (since he was became a doctor in BOF, right?...[^^,]).

Get well soon Kim Hyun Joong!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

saan masusukat ang pinagsamahan?

Hindi sa haba ng pinagsamahan nasusukat ang relasyon mo sa isang tao, kundi sa dalas at lalim ng paguusap nyo tuwing magkakasama kayo.

mahirap maattach ng sobra

Mahirap maattach ng sobra sa mga taong alam mong hindi magtatagal sa tabi mo o aalis din pagdating ng panahon.

Anong scene ka sa buhay ko?

May mga tao na nakikilala natin na pang-isang scene lang sa buhay natin.

Ganun yata talaga, ang mga tao sa paligid natin ay parang mga casts din sa pelikula. Na kung saan ang title ng pelikula ay “My Life” na pinagbibidahan mo. Kaya siguraduhin mong isang major scene ka sa buhay ng mahal mo, kahit isang scene ka lang sa pelikula ng buhay nya.