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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do you believe in “Love at First Sight”?

Do you believe in “Love at First Sight”?

Now, Love at first sight is true for men. Yes! Just for men for now. It’s proven by a study. Do you know how fast that men fall in love?

I just read about this article from the site below, that men tend to fall in love in just 10 seconds or less.

Study: Men Can Fall In Love in First 10 Seconds

With so many women looking for love, you might be shocked how long it takes for men to fall in love at first sight.

Just how long does it take for a man to fall in love?

Scientists timed it out, and many will be surprised at how fast they say it can happen.

A new study found a man can fall in love after gazing at a woman for less than 10 seconds, and that the longer he looks, the more interested he is.

If he's not that attracted, researchers say, he'll drop the gaze in about 4.5 seconds.

The study used hidden cameras, tracked eye movement, and found that it takes just 8.2 seconds for a man to gaze at a woman and fall in love at their very first meeting.

Now, is it true that “men tend to fall in love with their eyes, while women tend to fall in love with their ears”?
By the study, we can say that it is true that men tend to fall in love in just 10 seconds with their eyes. For women, better wait for another study “women can fall in love in first 10 second with their ears”…. (By listening flattery in just 10 seconds, women can fall in love? interesting…hahaÜ)

Now, back to the question, "Do you believe in love at first sight?".
why? and why not?


kheed said...

pwede ba nating masabing love at first sight na yun? baka naman lust lang? hehe

Jaypee said...

better say, case to case basis din siguro...
minsan love, minsan din lust, or admiration lang...
ewan, di rin ako sure about sa study...hehe

Anonymous said...

i dont believe in love at first sight.. haha..

Jaypee said...

i dont believe that much either...hehe

but still there is no impossible...


Anonymous said...

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