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Friday, July 3, 2009

Boys Over Flowers OST 1 Lyrics – with English Translations

Here is the complete list of the Songs/soundtracks used on Boys over flowers show (Korean Version)

Songs included in the 1st CD

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01. T-Max - Paradise*

02. SS501 - Because I'm Stupid*

03. Someday - Do you know*

04. SHINee - Stand By Me*

05. Ashily - Lucky*

06. Kim Yu Kyung - Starlight tears*

07. Seo Ji Young - A Little*

08. Tree Bicycles - One More Time*

No Lyrics

09. Lee Jung Sik - I Know (Inst.)

10. Dance with me (Inst.)

11. Blue Flower (Inst.)

12. So sad (Inst.)

13. T-Max - Paradise (Intro)

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Synopsis and Casts of Boys Over Flowers

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Solo said...

Gsto kong naririnig yung song nilang Lucky and One more time.;D

bluedreamer27 said...

im not a big fan of boys over flowers ...i like F4 better than them

by the way

my friend can i have a favor???
can you vote for my entry here

thanks a lot!!!

princejuno said...

i didn't watch the full episodes of the previous versions...
pero siguro nga cute lang talaga ang story...
but i guess i like Boys over flowers now more than before..hehe

thanks for dropping by...