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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 24 is…

June 24…

is Transformer Day – cause starting this day, Transformer 2 is now showing on cinemas

Is San Juan Day – Birthday of Saint John, the Baptist, annual Basaan festival in San Juan, Manila-

Is Feria Day – a typhoon hits the Philippines particularly in Luzon area.

And most importantly, it’s my birthday. Late gifts will still be accepted….[^^,]

Just an ordinary day, an ordinary episode of life, but this ordinary day changed everything; I came to this world…haha


Thank you!
Thanks to my parents for giving me body…(body talaga e no?...hehe)
Thanks to God for giving me soul…(naman)
Thanks to all of you, for giving me reasons to live…naks!
I just want to thank all of those who remembered my birthday and greeted me as well…kahit niremind ka lang ng friendster or nagsend ng birthday update sa YMail mo, salamat sa iyo..hehe
Even my crush, greeted me!..(parang highschool…haha)..[^^,]

Ang sarap ng feeling!
Surreal feeling it is when some one greeted you Happy Birthday. (Pero nakakahiya pag kinakantahan ka sa maraming tao..[^^,] ) In text, message/comment on Friendster, send picture message, IM, YM, email or especially when greeted you in person…[^^,]
It is like, greetings are good enough, your day is complete…(ows??...hehe)

Nasurprise ako!
I was surprised by my workmates, I thought they forgot my birthday, because it’s been lunch when they greeted me and sung a “HAPPY Birthday song” and gave chocolates. It made me blush…[^^,]
I was also surprised by my NCG friends...(NCG means New College Graduate) I thought no one remembered. But an IM conversation surprised me so much, 5 minutes before 4:45pm (logout time). They greeted me and they are asking for a blowout. So I made a simple treat of icecream and snacks…[^^,]

At the end of “my day”, I was so happy, thankful and felt blessed.
Thank you so much!...[^^,]

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