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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I really don’t like Boys Over Flowers

BoysOverFlowersBoys over flowers” “invades over” “the Philippines”.

I am not one of the millions out there who are so addicted to Boys over Flowers.

But actually, I had already all of the OST songs of it, including OST1, OST2 and additional soundtracks; printed the lyrics of the songs with English translations; bought DVD; Added the fan profile on my account in Friendster; drew the characters; and blogged about it…

See? It is so obvious that I really don’t like Boys Over Flowers (BOF)?...hehehe..[^^,]

And at this moment, while typing this post, my background music is BOF OSTs…see? I am not interested with BOF!...[^^,]

It is the Korean version of the Meteor Garden or F4 of Taiwan and Hana Yori Dango of Japan.

I really like the story, so funny and romantic. It is so cute and very unique; though it is just an another version of Hana Yori Dango (original in manga) , the story is still different from the previous versions.

Koreanovelas are really remarkable especially with love stories. Like the Endlesslove series, Full House and etc. They know how to get the hearts of the people. They give focus “on moments”, that’s why people really feels the tense and excitement of the scene…particularly the sweet and romantic scenes…[^^,]

I also like each of the characters. The casts really acted so well.

Boys over flowers will be now on the list of my favorite shows…[^^,]

And this show really hits the top of Philippines television’s ratings.

Two thumbs up to Boys Over Flowers!

How about you, do you like Boys over Flowers???

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