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Friday, July 3, 2009

Boys Over Flowers OST 2 Lyrics – with English Translations

Here is the complete list of the Songs/soundtracks used on Boys over flowers show (Korean Version)

Songs included in the 2nd CD

1. T-Max - Say Yes
2. T-Max - Wish UR My Love
3. A'st1 - Aswiun Maeumingeor / Yearning Of The Heart
4. SS501 - Aeinmandeulgi / Making A Lover
5. Jisun - Eotteokhajyo / What Should I Do
6. KARA - Love Is Fire
7. Howl - Love U
8. Brand New Day - Saranggateun Geo/ Something Like Love
9. Lee Sang Gon - Nunmuri Nanda/ Tears Are Falling
10. Kim Young Min - Cellogic (Inst.)
11. Dong Yo - Approach (Inst.)
12. Park Hye Ri - Strange Sun (Inst.)
13. Park Hye Ri - For The Sake Of Love (Inst.)

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