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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is this the person I want to marry?

I do agree with this article from KuyaKevin.
If you are in a relationship right now, think and ask yourself...
Is this the person I want to marry?
yes or no?

if yes, go!

if no, let go! as he said, you are just only wasting the both of your time, effort and emotions.
so let go, and find the person you really love and want to marry.

I believe there is one absolutely essential question when it comes to dating/courtship.

Here it is:

Is this the person I want to marry?

It’s just that simple. The goal, after all, is supposed to be finding a lifetime commitment.

Think about it:

If you are not ready to ask this question, then you really have no business dating in the first place (maybe you are too young).

If the answer to this question is “no,” then you need to stop pursuing the relationship and move on—there’s no use wasting time, energy, and emotion.

If you have been dating for months (or years) and still don’t know, it’s time to get serious and make a decision (either marry or break up). Note to the ladies: if a man isn’t talking about marriage after a few months, it’s a really bad sign.

If (after a period of courtship) the answer is “yes,” it’s time to pray and seek godly counsel. If the Lord gives His approval, it’s time to start making wedding plans.

I’m arguing for intentionality. I see many young people waste a lot of time and energy in relationships that aren’t going anywhere. I also see many of them acting as though being a boyfriend/girlfriend is an end in and of itself.

Let’s not play games with our hearts and the hearts of others. This is neither godly nor wise.

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