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Saturday, October 31, 2009

My first time to surf using Free Wifi connection in SM Pampanga

Right now i am surfing the net with my laptop here in SM Pampanga using the free wifi connection.
This is awesome!
The connection is fast and its free!

I checked my facebook, friendster, yahoo mail and watch videos in youtube.
I also fed my fishes in fishworld, visited my resto in restaurant city.[^^,]
and i made this post.

This is my first time to get connected using wifi in SM mall.
Liked it! I will surf till my battery is drained. [^^,]

So common! go to SM Pampanga(or the nearest SM to you) and see for your self.
Happy surfing!.

1 comment:

kheed said...

i tried to surf using wifi connection in glorietta galleria, and i also enjoyed it.

I wish that my house is near galleria so i can use their wifi everyday. c",)