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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


i just made my account on twitter recently.
i was so curious before what this "twitter" is all about.
why many people keep saying it.
is this like friendster or facebook?
so i signed up.
and i explored my profile and account.

i made my first post.
and this is...
princejuno first time on twitter
[^^,] just a simple post, welcoming my self on twitter...haha

based on my "exploration"...
twitter is just like a blog, or a simple blog,
where you can broadcast what you are doing,
share thoughts,
update what's happening to you,
flirt? maybe,
look for friends,
communicate with friends,
an online "GM" (group message) a plain text
...where you can tag friends,
reply to their message,
follow their tweets...

and blah blah...
experience by yourself now, and make your first tweet.

btw, you can follow my tweets @

happy tweeting!

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